High voltage Power & Pulse capacitors



  • High Voltage Pulse Current for medium frequency application

  • High Voltage DC / AC Voltage application
  • Capacitor can be discharged at rated voltage directly without any protective component and with ambient Temperature up to +105C
  • High Voltage Decoupling and Snubbering
  • Voltage Multiplier
  • Induction heating
  • Act as discharge capacitor to trigger laser, X-Ray and Tesla Coil
  • For high voltage capacitor bank or array
  • High Voltage Power Supplies


  • Plastic case : safer when compare with metal Can. This is importance especially for high voltage application

  • Dry construction: Epoxy Resin end seal and doesn't have impregnant liquid leakage problem.

  • Plastic enclosure and Epoxy Resin are flame retardant UL94V-0 grade Polypropylene film dielectric

  • Very low losses and low inductance-high Insulation Resistance

  • Excellent Frequency Response high RMS Current Rating

  • High peak Pulse Current Ratings (dv/dt)

  • High Voltage Capabilities

  • Higher Temperature range

  • Flame Retardant Construction

  • M6, M8 and M10 screw threads/nut as capacitor electrodes.

For example:

High voltage power capacitors 1.5uF/5kV (continuously pulse application)


We manufacture High Voltage Film Capacitors for wide variety of High Voltage power applications with different rated Capacitances, Voltages, Discharge Energy, dv/dt, Pulse Discharge Currents, RMS Currents, Frequency ranges, size restriction, temperature ranges and even capacitor configurations.Different applications can have very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirements.Please feel free to send your application details for a suggestion and quotation.

Rated Products

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CABOis a leading supplier of capacitors in China. As a well-known brand in China,CABO focused on high-end customers for years.We has been dedicated to advancing capacitor technology for new applications and today serves more than 10,000 customers. Over 30 years experience in capacitor manufacturing and capacitor application,CABO combines innovative product technologies with engineering expertise to provide reliable solutions for renewable energy, power supplies,motor drives,HVAC, motors,welding, aerospace, military, medical, telecom, transportation and UPS systems.

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