About us

CABO is a leading supplier of capacitors in China.

As a famous brand in China,CABO has been dedicated to advancing capacitor technology for new applications and today serves more than 10,000 customers.Over 30 years experience in capacitor manufacturing and capacitor application,CABO combines innovative product technologies with engineering expertise to provide reliable solutions for renewable energy, power supplies, motor drives, HVAC, motors, welding, aerospace, military, medical, telecom, transportation  and UPS systems;

Household & consumer electronic:

CBB20 Audio capacitor/ CBB21 epoxy enclosed capacitor/ CBB61&60&65 motor capacitor/safe capacitor.

Industrial electronic:

Snubber capacitors / resonance capacitors / coupling capacitor /DC link capacitor /AC capacitor/ energy storage capacitors.

Electric electronic:

Power compensation capacitor/ HV capacitor / pulse capacitor.

Designing capacitors for special applications requires an in-depth understanding of the application, knowledge of changing technologies, the ability to develop innovative technology concepts and finally, incorporate these concepts into the capacitors, design & manufacturing processes. This would give the users high reliability and high performance products. CABO's custom designs capability is well known. One of CABO's significant plus points is that every stage of product development and innovation is evaluated in terms of changing technologies and user needs. Custom designed capacitor allow the users to select the right capacitor at the most viable price. Custom-designed capacitors account for almost 50% of CABO's sales.

For providing more competitive price to our client, We established 4 factories in China for manufacturing different kinds capacitors,It is much helpful for reduce administrative cost and logistics cost,and our general delivery time is controled in 15 days.At the same time,CABO established a sales company in Foshan for managing 3 brands and sales.Fact have proven that this is a very good decision.

At CABO, responsiveness to customers needs is an integral part of our marketing strategy. We work together with customers to understand their production operations and application needs, analyse problems and offer optimum solutions. We do what it takes to satisfy customer requirements. CABO has a marketing team with component knowledge and experience.